The Foundation accepts grant inquiries throughout the year. Following is the general process for the submission and review of grant inquiries. Please note that this process is subject to change.
1. A letter of inquiry is submitted to the Foundation by a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status. The Foundation encourages digital submission of all letters of inquiry in the form of an Adobe Acrobat document. Digital submissions can be sent to A traditional letter of inquiry can also be sent to our office address
2. The Foundation will review the letter of inquiry and return a response
3. It is possible that the Foundation may find a letter of inquiry of interest but would like further information before a determination can be made. In these cases, the submitting institution will be asked to complete a formal proposal. If a formal proposal is requested it will be reviewed and an answer returned within eight weeks. Note: Formal proposals are by invitation only.
Please note: After submitting a letter of inquiry or proposal, all communication should be via email, Please, no telephone inquiries as to the status of your proposal.
For digital submissions, please send Adobe Acrobat pdf files. To create and read these files you will need Acrobat Distiller and Reader. For information about Acrobat Distiller and for free Acrobat Reader software go to the Adobe Systems web site.

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