Formal proposals are only at the invitation of the Foundation and only after a letter of inquiry has already been submitted. Not all institutions that receive grants will need to submit formal proposals.
Formal proposals to The Sato Foundation should consist of the following components and should be arranged in this order:
Narrative description of program
Letters from collaborating individuals or institutions
Budget summary
Detailed budget
Program timetable
Curriculum vitae
Proof of tax status
Institutional information (annual report, etc.)
In some instances, the Foundation requires the grantee organization to match the Foundation's grant with funds from other sources.
The Sato Foundation will need two copies of each proposal. We request that every consideration be given to presenting the proposal and supporting documents in an environmentally sensitive manner. Please do not use notebooks or plastic packaging. Since we occasionally need to make additional copies, we ask that applications not be bound. We encourage a digital submission of the proposal in the form of an Adobe Acrobat document. Digital submissions can be sent to

Narrative Description of the Program
The narrative description of the program should include: the objective of the program, a program description, information about the applying organization, collaborating organization(s), and proposed participants, and an explanation of why this organization and these participants are best suited to carry out this program. The narrative should indicate how the proposed program would enhance or affect existing work in the field. Clear benchmarks for how the applicant will measure the success of the program should be included.

Letters from Collaborating or Participating Organizations/Individuals
Letters should clearly indicate commitment to participate in the proposed program and the form that the participation will take. If a commitment has not yet been secured, then the applicant should explain the status of their discussions with potential counterparts or participants. The Sato Foundation does not need letters of recommendation for the program.

Budget Summary
The budget should indicate the total amount needed for the program as well as the amount of support that the applicant expects from The Sato Foundation. The budget should be in summary form showing major program rubrics and the associated budget. This should also include administrative and indirect rubrics.

Detailed Program Budget
The budget should indicate the total amount needed for the program as well as the amount of support that the applicant expects from The Sato Foundation.

Please include the following:
Expenditures--Include all budget items and the anticipated budget for each calendar year. Where applicable, indicate specific line items and amounts for which you are requesting Foundation funding. The budget should be as detailed as possible, including the basis for the calculation of each line item. Note: multi-year proposals are funded on a calendar year basis and subsequent funding is based on the achievement of clear yearly defined benchmarks/outcomes. These yearly outcomes should be clearly delineated in the proposal

Please keep in mind that The Sato Foundation will support indirect costs totaling no more than 10% of the direct costs we support.

Income--Indicate sources of income in the following order: requested grant from The Sato Foundation, own income sources, earned income, grants requested or received from other funding sources (list sources and status of applications).

Program Timetable
The Sato Foundation asks that you include a precise time table, showing when each aspect of the program will be carried out.

Curriculum Vitae
Please submit curriculum vitae for the program director and all major participants.

Proof of Tax Status
We require a copy of the official IRS determination letter that states the tax status of the applying organization.

Institutional Information
Annual reports and other pertinent information are requested for both the applying institution and any major collaborating institution.

Please note that supporting materials submitted to The Sato Foundation with proposals cannot be returned.

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