A letter of inquiry is submitted to determine whether the Foundation's present interests and funds permit consideration and funding of the request.
Letters of inquiry are considered throughout the year. Normally, letters of inquiry may expect to receive an indication of whether their programs are within the Foundation's program interests and budget limitations within eight weeks. Every effort will be made to respond in as timely as manner as possible. The Foundation monitors grants through regular financial and narrative reports submitted by the grantee.
The letter of inquiry should be limited to 2-5 pages and should include:
The purpose of the program for which funds are being requested
Problems and issues the proposed program will address
Information about the organization conducting the program
Estimated overall budget for the program and amount requested from The Sato Foundation
Period of time for which funds are requested
Qualifications of those who will be engaged in the program
Proof of (501(c)3 status
Note: The Sato Foundation will cover indirect costs not exceeding 10% of the direct costs it supports.
The Foundation encourages digital submission of all letters of inquiry in the form of an Adobe Acrobat document. Digital submissions can be sent to submit@satofoundation.org. A traditional letter of inquiry can also be sent to our offices address or can be faxed to 480-772-4259
Please note: After submitting a letter of inquiry or proposal all communication should be via email, info@satofoundation.org, or by fax. Please, no telephone inquiries as to the status of your proposal.

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