Margrit Biever Mondavi
Opera House Theatre

  The Mission of the Napa Valley Opera House is:
- to present and perform a wide variety of national and international quality performing arts productions to audiences drawn from the Napa Valley, the Bay Area and tourists visiting the Valley from elsewhere;
- to provide a venue for community performing arts productions;
- to provide opportunities for performing arts education in the Napa Valley schools;
- to revive a national historic landmark

The Cybermill Clubhouse

  Where youth of the Napa County learn the digital skills they need to compete, thrive, and build better communities in the 21st century. The grant is for a new program called YOW (Youth On the Web) Special Needs. The grant will help youth with disabilities gain a presence on the web. The Sato Foundation, together with The Sato Family Fund of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, founded CyberMill Club House and is committed to its continuous support.

Inter-University Center (IUC) for Japanese Language Study

  Scholarship funds were provided to allow for participation in the IUC program focusing on intensive training in advanced spoken and written Japanese for Ph.D. candidates.

Jarvis Conservatory

  Funds were provided to support artistic scholarships for participants in the annual Zarzuela production at the conservatory.

The Napa Valley Youth Symphony

  Funds were provided for Napa Valley Symphony's Youth Symphony in 2002-2003, new to the Symphony this year, is designed to give serve the community by providing music training to young people and encouraging a greater understanding and participation in music through the lives of the participants.

Museum of Craft & Folk Art

  The Museum of Craft & Folk Arts Museum School Program is an off-site program that brings 14 distinct, culturally based, in-depth, and interactive art workshops to San Francisco Bay Area elementary and middle schools.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

  Funds were provided for the Museum Ambassador program. The ambassadors receive instruction in art history, teaching techniques and public speaking. The ambassadors, 50% of whom are "at risk", prepare teaching materials and portable exhibits for presentations about art to younger children.

Napa Valley Coalition of Non-Profits -

Mayor's Committee on Disabilities
  The committee is an affiliate of the California Governor's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities, and is designed to create awareness within the community of people with all kinds of disabilities ---physical, mental and developmental.

New Technology Robotics Club

  We are one of over 1000 robotics teams that will compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) National Robotics competition which is held each year at Disney World in Orlando Florida. Our team is comprised of dedicated teachers, students, engineers, parents, and volunteers from our community. Our team is located in the Napa Valley, proximity 40 miles north of San Francisco, in the great state of California. Two of our goals this year are building a successful robot, and forming a strong partnership with our school and community.

The Digital Clubhouse

  A Digital Clubhouse is a new kind of community resource and learning center. The center is dedicated to empowering friends and neighbors so that they can help one another get a better understanding of the tools of communication for participating more productively in the emerging "Digital Age".

Vintage High School
Vocal Music Department

  A grant was provided to Vintage High School Vocal Music Department to provide scholarship money to allow financially disadvantaged choir students to participate on the Italy choir tour during the summer of 2001.

The Oxbow School  
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts  
Arts Council Napa Valley  
Kala Art Institute  
The Music Connection  
Sierra Arts  
The Marine Mammal Center  
Breakthrough Collaborative  
All For Elephants  
Oxfam America  

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